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For Sale

Offered by Jack Foote, KE7FDZ:

Steel barrels, 55 gallon size, open top, use as a Faraday Cage.

These steel barrels are 32.5 inches tall and 25.25 inches in diameter. There is a pressure relief valve of the slotted screw type on the side. Humidity Indicator is on the side.

These are excellent heavy duty containers. Since the entire container, including the lid and the locking retainer ring, are made of steel, these barrels make the perfect large-capacity Faraday Cage for your vital electronic equipment. Airtight, watertight, and impervious to weather.

Barrels can be picked up from Jack in Cornville for $60 each. Delivery to your location will involve an additional fee. Call Jack for more information.

You can reach Jack by telephone at 928-257-1500 or by email at KE7FDZ@vveca.org .